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Capitalize On Trenton

The Trenton UEZ is the right choice for shopping, dining or conducting your business! You’ll find no other place in Mercer County with lower sales tax or better business incentives than in the UEZ.

Get More for Less
Customers chopping in the UEZ enjoy a 50% reduction in sales tax – from 7% to 3.5% – on items purchased within the UEZ from participating businesses.

Enjoy the Lowest Taxes in Mercer County
Not only can UEZ businesses charge a reduced sales tax to their customers, giving them a competitive edge, they also pay no state sales tax on items for their business and on improvements to their business sites. Some manufacturers may even qualify for sales tax exemptions on their energy and utility consumption.

Reduce Your Bottom Line
Participating UEZ businesses may qualify for financial incentives and for a one-time corporate tax credit of up to $1,500 for each new permanent full time employee hired.

Gain Access to Financial Assistance
UEZ businesses may also be eligible for low interest loans, loan guarantees, technical assistance and other valuable financial programs from the state.

Expand Your Network
The UEZ hold programs and networking opportunities throughout the year that can help you grow your business.

Be a Part of Trenton’s Future
Revenues generated from the 3.5% sales tax are maintained in a Zone Assistance Fund (ZAF) and used to support economic development and public improvement projects within the UEZ. As a UEZ business or customer, you enjoy savings while knowing your tax money is going to support projects with Trenton’s UEZ!

Help the Environment
From shopping locally to encouraging smart growth, many aspects of the UEZ are eco-responsible and promote sustainability. Save your green, while being green!

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