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Prime Location: In many ways, Trenton is an optimal place to do business.  Few cities enjoy Trenton’s prime location right in the middle of the nation’s wealthiest and most densely populated consumer markets of New York and Philadelphia.  The city has an excellent transportation network with access to extensive rail and highway systems to move goods and services efficiently.  Central New Jersey’s workforce is among the best and the brightest in the nation with several prestigious colleges and universities within a 10-mile radius of the City.

State Capital: As the state capital, Trenton is rich in history, home to several museums, historical sites, theaters and art galleries.  The downtown is compact and amenity-rich with state offices, businesses, the county seat, transit stops, parking garages and high-quality restaurants and retail all within easy-walking distance.  More than 20,000 state workers come to Trenton each day providing businesses with a strong customer base on top of the 80,000 city residents that live here.  Several recent redevelopment projects have provided Trenton with renewed vigor and proof that the City is on the upswing again.

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