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Trenton’s Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) is a 2.5 square-mile, commercial and industrial section of the Capital City targeted for economic development.  We are very proud to participate in New Jersey’s nationally acclaimed UEZ program, which provides Trenton businesses, residents and consumers financial incentives that are helping drive capital improvements, business expansion and employment in the city.

The New Jersey Legislature created the Urban Enterprise Zone Program in 1983 to help stimulate new economic activity and reduce unemployment within the boundaries of each zone.  Trenton was awarded its UEZ designation in 1985.  Since that time, the program has successfully served hundreds of businesses that have invested millions in the construction and rehabilitation of new office, commercial and retail space, sports complexes, and other improvements to the city’s landscape.

Click Here for a map of the Trenton UEZ.  Please consult with our Economic Development office if you are researching a specific address by calling 609-989-3500.

Trenton UEZ Brochure (pdf)

Questions & Answers (pdf)

State of NJ Incentives Brochure

Statewide UEZ Fact Sheet

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