About Us

UEZ Committee and Staff

Walter Denson, Director
City of Trenton, Department of Housing and Economic Development
“Open for Business”

Tom McGough, Principal Planner and UEZ Coordinator

The City of Trenton’s Division of Economic Development works to create, encourage and enhance job growth and promote business retention and development throughout its borders.  The Division supports the business community within City government and partners with organizations and other governmental agencies such as the County of Mercer Economic Development & Sustainability, Trenton Downtown Association, MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce, and state entities to further economic development.  During October of every year, the Division spearheads Trenton Small Business Week.  This Week offers professionals, entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners from throughout the Greater Trenton Area an opportunity to attend a variety of workshops that could assist them in jumpstarting and/or increasing their competitiveness in the business world.

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