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Contact Tom McGough at 609-989-3508 to obtain a complete application packet of information along with a Certification Form.

Step One: Register Your Business with the State of New Jersey
Your Trenton Urban Enterprise Zone application can only be processed if you include a copy of your Business Registration Certificate (BRC) that indicates your Trenton, NJ business address. You can quickly register online at and print out your BRC. Or you can download and print the required forms:, fill them out, sign and send the forms to The State of New Jersey at 225 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08608-1001. If you mail it in, you will have to wait until your BRC arrives from the State before submitting your application.

Step Two: Complete the Urban Enterprise Certification Application Packet with State of New Jersey
Before you submit your application to Trenton, you must complete an Urban Enterprise Zone Certification application with the State that is comprised of the documents below. Carefully read all instructions and be sure to fill out and sign every form.  If you are unable to download and print the documents, contact UEZ Coordinator Tom McGough at 609-989-3508 or to receive a packet via mail.

The Certification Application Form (2 pages) – This is your formal application to become a member of the Trenton UEZ. You must complete all the required fields and submit the original signed documents detailed below to the Trenton Urban Enterprise Zone.

Full-time Employee Data Sheet – This is a list of your current full-time employees, which are employees who work more than 30 hours per week, 12 months per year and spend more than 51% of their working hours in the Trenton UEZ.

Part-time Employee Data Sheet – This is a list of your current part-time employees, which are employees who work at least 15 hours per week, a minimum of 16 weeks per year and earn at least $1,000 per quarter. If you do not have any part-time employees, you are still required to fill out and sign this form.

UZ-1 Reduced Sales Tax Form (2 pages) – This is an application for reduced sales tax collections that all businesses must complete.  If you are a retail member of the Trenton UEZ, you will be eligible to charge your customers 50% of that state sales tax rate.

UZ 5-SB-A Urban Enterprise Exempt Purchase Form (2 pages) -This is an application for exemption from sales tax on goods and materials for use within the Trenton UEZ, such as office supplies and other materials needed for your business.

Step Three: Submit Completed Certification Packet to the Trenton Urban Enterprise Zone

Make copies of each form for your records and submit the original signed documents to the Trenton UEZ Office, Department of Economic Development, City of Trenton, 319 East State Street, Trenton, New Jersey 08608 along with:
•    A copy of your state Business Registration Certificate listing your Trenton, NJ address.
•    A copy of your lease or deed from your Trenton, NJ business.
•    If you are relocating to Trenton, are a Partnership or Limited Partnership a Limited Liability Company or a Joint Venture, you are required to provide additional documentation. See the Special Procedures section in the Certification Instructions for more information.

Step Five: Receive Approval of Certification from the State of New Jersey
Within 2-4 weeks of submitting your application, you will receive a letter of certification from the State of New Jersey confirming that you are an active member of the Trenton UEZ!

Step Six: Market your business through the Trenton UEZ website (complimentary service)
Submit your website profile information through the online form:

Welcome aboard!

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