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Checklist & Process Review

Application Checklist

Before you submit your UEZ Application Packet to Trenton’s UEZ office, make sure you have all the required documents, signed and filled out correctly!

o    Copy of your state Business Registration Certificate stating your Trenton, NJ address.

o    Original Signed Application Form (2 pages).

o    Original Signed Full-time Employee Data Sheet.

o    Original Signed Part-time Employee Data Sheet.

o    Original Signed UZ-1 Application.

o    Original Signed UZ-5-SB-A Application.

o    Copy of Trenton, NJ Business Lease or Deed.

o    Letter stating you offered your current employees employment at your new facilities (applicable to relocating business only).

o    Company letterhead with the name, address and taxpayer identification number or social security number of at least one general partner and/or principal officer (applicable to partnership or limited partnerships only)

o    Copy of your Certificate of Formation and your filing Certificate of Formation with the Secretary of State (applicable to LLCs only)

o    Copy of your joint venture agreement, if applicable.

o    Submit your website profile (no cost) through:

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