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Tax-permits are issued for one year only. To ensure continuity of your UEZ tax benefits, you should mail your Recertification Application to your local coordinator at least six weeks prior to a company’s Recertification due date.  Contact Trenton UEZ Coordinator, Tom McGough at 609-989-3508 for the latest Recertification forms currently required by the State of NJ.

The basic process to print out recertification material is outlined in the attached pdf.

Annual Report Form – Sample

Please follow the instructions carefully to expedite the processing of your application for recertification as a qualified Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) business. Once you have completed the Recertification Application, make a copy for your records and return it to your local UEZ coordinator for processing.

You may have better success with Recertification Application returns if you send a return self-addressed envelope along with your recertification packages.

And finally, review your website profile and submit any changes through the online form:

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