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The following is an excerpt from an article in midJersey Business about new directions in the City of Trenton by Evan Grossman

But the tide may be turning. Knocked flat by urban and economic rot, Trenton finds itself at the confluence of changing demographics, important economic legislation, and game-changing development that signals another revolutionary rebirth and a potential return to prominence.

The challenge is not an easy one. The journey is piled with obstacles and any renaissance promises to be gradual. It will not happen overnight. But, according to experts and professionals, some of whom have wagered their livelihoods on remaking Trenton, a rebirth is possible.

“The Economic Opportunity Act is part of the vision that we hope to be able to take advantage of,” says Diana Rogers, the director of the Trenton Division of Economic Development. “Doing residential development and attracting and retaining business is a great opportunity that we look to Trenton to be able to take full advantage of.”

The law specifically creates four Garden State Growth Zones, where companies can enjoy an aggressive level of support to create jobs and make investments. In some instances, the support can be 10 times greater than in other areas, creating a compelling incentive.

…“With the assets we have, we can only grow,” says Walter Denson, director of the Department of Housing and Economic Development. “There’s tremendous opportunity in the city of Trenton.”

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